About Us


Welcome to Grimoire! A Melbourne based online store specializing in tools for those who follow a spiritual path, or just lovers of crystals and all things witchy! For years we have spent practicing and learning our craft and there’s no time like now to spread those magical seeds into the world! We pride ourselves in sourcing ethically and supporting local artists and businesses within Australia.

Follow our social sites if you’re a social queen living her fantasy, follow @grimoireau on Facebook and Instagram! That way you can stay in the loop of new stock, sales, discounts, free weekly readings and much much more! 

At this time we won’t be doing psychic reading services, but hold tight as that WILL change down the road. We do reiki healings, for those who are interested just head to our socials and spell-cast us a message! 

Thank you for the support and we hope to give you a dash of magic into your life! Even if it’s just for a laugh at our product descriptions!

Now my grimlings, mother witch bitch must fly on his broomstick and eat a few toads. Much love, much magic! x

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