Black Kyanite Chips (Small)


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Dimensions: Approx 1.5-4cm in length 1-3cm in width. *Sizes are all different, most similar to what is pictured*

4.5 on hardness scale which makes it a soft stone, so play nice with them! They also should stay clear from moisture and getting wet as it will deteriorate!

Black kyanite is a must have for all those who work with crystals!
exudes energy that encourages calm, rational thought. An attunement stone, useful in contacting one’s spirit guides, angels or higher power, which makes this a high vibrational stone. Aids a quick transition between states of consciousness and can be used to remove unwanted energies, cut cords, release attached entities, or perform psychic surgery. Wave black Kyanite over yourself to cut energetic cords, paired with blue kyanite will help heal the auric field after cutting those chords. As a set they make for a healers must have with crystal work.

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