Dumortierite Tumble


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Dimensions: Approx 2cm-3.5cm

This bad boy packs quite the punch when you need it. If you work with or are wanting to develop your psychic abilities this stone amplifies those gifts! Aiding in precision and connection to the divine! It is also a stone of retention, so i would keep this puppy on you while you study or needing to remember dreams, keep it under your pillow. Dumortierite is best used with the third eye, stimulating psychic development and second sight, but also can be used on the crown and throat chakras as well promoting clear communication and divine connection.

If needing to stand up for yourself this stone aids in standing in your power. I love this stone when having days where you feel like a punching bag. Keep this stone on you and let its vibration wash over you! The stones vibration is very strong especially for those who already work with psychic abilities. Keep this stone on you when you feel you’re having a day that isn’t working well for your gifts.

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